CMU Portugal Academy

Empowering Future Professionals in Digital Technologies

The CMU Portugal Academy is a training platform dedicated to advancing digital technologies through specialised post-graduate and PhD programs situated in Lisbon. This initiative is a collaborative effort between the Interactive Technologies Institute, Instituto Superior Técnico, and the CMU Portugal program and is powered by the Santander Portugal Foundation. The Academy leverages the expertise of renowned faculties from Portuguese institutions such as Instituto Superior Técnico, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, and NOVA School of Science and Technology, along with faculty members from Carnegie Mellon University.

The primary objective of the CMU Academy is to amplify the influence of digital technologies while emphasizing the role of citizens as co-designers in shaping Portugal’s digital society and economy. Recognizing the increasing importance of digitalization, the Academy aims to address several critical needs:

  1. The exponential growth of digital trends as highlighted in “The Future of Jobs” demand.
  2. Portugal’s lag in producing ICT graduates in proportion to its potential and the market demand.
  3. The predominant benefits of AI and digital advancements often favour institutions and businesses over individual citizens.

The Academy’s mission is to equip Portugal’s workforce with cutting-edge skills in creative thinking and specialized digital domains, fostering adaptability and excellence amidst a continuously evolving technological landscape. The CMU Academy envisions Lisbon as a digitally augmented innovation hub where every individual possesses future-ready skills, fostering innovation and resilience.

The CMU Academy is launching in 2024 three postgraduate programs gathering the knowledge of experts in the technology field and industry leaders.