Improve your data science skills

The AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning program equips participants with foundational knowledge and skills in data science, machine learning, and big data technologies. The curriculum covers data acquisition, preprocessing, machine learning algorithms, and model deployment to solve real-world problems and drive business decisions.

The program caters to data analysts, data engineers, software developers, and professionals looking to transition into the field of data science and machine learning to leverage data-driven insights for business success.

Classes in Lisbon (Fridays 16-20h & Saturdays 9-13h) • Applications open until Sep 9th

Why choose this AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning Advance Training Program?

• Lessons delivered by top faculty Professors and leading Industry Experts

• Curriculum crafted to develop skills highly valued in the industry: Data Analysis and Machine Learning

• Upskill with a diverse cohort of professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities

• Enjoy in-person interaction with colleagues and faculty and grow your professional network

• Engage in industry-relevant projects and explore real-world case studies.

• Participate in collaborative and customized sessions and engage in practical work in small groups.

Program Structure

The bootcamp provides an introduction with case studies and practical examples of how data science and machine learning became a cornerstone of any modern business of organization.

Understand how different real-world types of data are represented and processed by the mathematical tools of linear algebra and probability. An introduction to key data science programming tools and environments will also be covered in this module.

This module covers how data can be obtained and prepared for further analysis. It will consider different data sources, types, and collection methods, and expose the main challenges encountered with datasets (e.g., incomplete, noisy, inconsistent, biased).

This module covers the fundamental concepts and tools of machine learning. It will provide a comprehensive view of modern machine learning, putting all the learning scenarios and techniques in perspective, pointing out their assumptions, capabilities, and potential weaknesses.

Data-driven design

Spatial computing

Digital Media and Storytelling

Service Design and
Mobile Service Innovation

Intelligent User Interfaces

Web and Mobile Accessibility

Digital Service Innovation

Search and Recommender

Complex Data Analysis

Deep Learning

Deep Learning for Image and Language

Cloud-based Data Processing

Information Visualization

Product Teams

Product Delivery

Product Market Fit and Growth

This group work project merges theory and practice, challenging students to develop innovative solutions in their field. Teams will be exposed to real-world problems provided by leading industry players.

Who is this program for ?

Individuals with some academic or professional background in coding or in applied mathematics/statistics.

Early career professionals and senior managers, including technical managers, business intelligence analysts, IT practitioners, management consultants, and business managers.

Data scientists, data analysts, and professionals seeking to convert large datasets into meaningful insights.

Man With Binary Code Projected on His Face

How will this program benefit you ?

You will gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the industry.

You will learn about the most pertinent technologies and techniques, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Recommendation Systems, ChatGPT, applied data science with Python, Generative AI, and more.

You will gain practical knowledge on utilizing large datasets and applying the latest AI technologies to real-world applications.

You will be able to extract valuable insights from data and build predictive models.

Who can apply

Applicants will learn foundational skills in data acquisition, preprocessing, statistical analysis, and machine learning algorithms. They can expect to develop proficiency in using data science tools and techniques to extract valuable insights from data and build predictive models.

Elevate your career with our Advanced Training Program, benefiting from a scholarship granted by the Santander Foundation and other supporters. The first 30 selected applicants will pay €2,000 for a course value of €10,000. 

Application Process 

Register by clicking on the apply now butom and completing the online application form at santander open academy.

Your application will be reviewed to determine if it is a fit with the program.

If selected, you will receive an offer email for the upcoming course with the next steps. Secure your seat by paying the fee.