Improve your Product Management skills

The Product Management program provides a holistic approach to product development, focusing on product discovery, design, analytics, and strategy. Participants will learn to identify market opportunities, prioritize features, manage product teams, and execute product delivery to achieve product-market fit and sustainable growth.

The program is designed for product managers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals involved in product development, marketing, and strategy who aim to lead product teams and drive product success.

Classes in Lisbon (Fridays 16-20h & Saturdays 9-13h) • Applications open until Sep 9th

Why choose this Product Managment Advance Training Program ?

• Lessons delivered by top faculty Professors and leading Industry Experts

• Curriculum crafted to develop skills highly valued in the Product Management industry.

• Upskill with a diverse cohort of professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities

• Enjoy in-person interaction with colleagues and faculty and grow your professional network

• Real-world case studies from product experts at leading companies including: Feedzai, Farfetch, Google/Waze, Via, AppsFlyer, Autodesk,, Android Auto.

• Participate in collaborative and customized sessions and engage in practical work in small groups.

Program Structure

Put in practice the academic knowledge acquired in the course in the Capstone Project module. This group work project merges theory and practice, challenging students to develop innovative solutions in their field. Teams will be exposed to real-world problems provided by leading industry players.

Identify, validate, and prioritize product opportunities effectively. Product discovery is a crucial phase in the product development process, where teams explore and define potential solutions to address customer needs and market opportunities.

Learn to define product metrics and measure product performance, foster a culture of experimentation, implement data-informed product growth strategies and measure their success using relevant metrics.

Utilize data platforms for product analytics and A/B testing. In addition, focus on product leadership, stakeholder communication and negotiation, product team hiring strategies, and product team growth through empowerment.

Data-driven design

Spatial computing

Digital Media and Storytelling

Service Design and
Mobile Service Innovation

Intelligent User Interfaces

Web and Mobile Accessibility

Digital Service Innovation

Search and Recommender

Complex Data Analysis

Deep Learning

Deep Learning for Image and Language

Cloud-based Data Processing

Information Visualization

Product Teams

Product Delivery

Product Market Fit and Growth

Work in a team of 2-3, choose an existing company and product, analyze existing product funnel, flow, OKRs, and product metrics. Conduct market research, competitive analysis, clarify differentiation, propose new product direction/strategy, conduct user research and validate using thematic analysis, develop new product concept and UX, prototype and conduct initial user testing, validate value and viability, prepare pitch presentation with problem identification, concept design, solution validation, and suggested product strategy using relevant metrics.

Who is this program for ?

Entry Level Managers and Entrepreneurs who would like to gain comprehensive knowledge on new product development, product strategies and leverage product analytics

Product managers, engineers, project managers, and product designers who aim to empower product teams to drive sustainable growth, innovation, and business impact

Senior-level managers who would like to refine prototypes and MVPs, learn Product pricing, and modifying their products to better suit customers

How will this program benefit you ?

Gain advanced skills in data analysis, market research, and strategic planning to make informed decisions that drive product success

Develop effective leadership and team management techniques to lead cross-functional teams, ensuring cohesive and efficient product development processes.

Learn cutting-edge methodologies and tools for innovative product development, from ideation to launch, increasing your ability to deliver high-impact products.

Who can apply

Applicants will acquire knowledge in product discovery, market research, metrics analysis, and agile methodologies. They will learn to identify market opportunities, define product strategies, manage cross-functional teams, and drive product growth and success.

Elevate your career with our Advanced Training Program, benefiting from a scholarship granted by the Santander Foundation and other supporters. The first 30 selected applicants will pay €2,450 for a course value of €10,000. 

Application Process 

Register by clicking on the apply now butom and completing the online application form at santander open academy.

Your application will be reviewed to determine if it is a fit with the program.

If selected, you will receive an offer email for the upcoming course with the next steps. Secure your seat by paying the fee.